Consulting for Remote Work

Whether it is called remote work, offsite or home office, working in distributed locations is a challenge for many teams and managers. This is where the experts from wibas can help.

Triggered by the current situation, more and more work is being done remotely. Communication via digital media, video conferences instead of face-to-face meetings, workshops with electronic whiteboards instead of physical boards.

Even after the current situation, remote work will have become a bit more normal and will be used more often than a few months ago. We have also seen advantages in distributed work during this time, be it the positive impact on environmental aspects or the time and cost savings through reduced travel. The hurdle of using digital media has fallen significantly during this period and this will continue to have an effect in the coming time. There will be a new balance between work done onsite and face-to-face vs. work done remotely. This will lead to more remote work as a result.

Agility supports distributed working and is even more important there than with teams working together on site. Implemented principles such as empowerment and self-organization allow teams to quickly organize themselves and become productive. Nevertheless, especially teams in distributed collaboration situations need support. Be it the changeover to remote collaboration, in daily collaboration by an Agility Master or simply in supporting individual formats.

wibas therefore offers support by experienced experts for various situations arising from remote work. These experts support agility in the remote environment and provide appropriate procedures and technical tools. 

Are you looking for experience in remote working situations, remote events or simply the use of collaboration tools? Give us a call. We will find a suitable solution with you.