wibas Collaboration Poker for SAFe®

Achieve a common understanding of responsibilities between teams

The collaboration between agile teams is key to successful value-creation. It is often challenging when implementing SAFe® to align the responsibilities across all teams. Collaboration Poker offers a playful approach to achieve a collective understanding of such shared responsibilities. The game is simple and allows teams to solve potential conflicts in this complexity.

wibas Collaboration Poker Cards.png

Goal of the Game

The goal of the game is to achieve a common understanding of responsibilities and to reduce tension and conflict between the teams involved.

Game Materials

  • Game board: Game board to print out (PDF)
  • Cards: The cards to print out and then cut out (PDF)
  • Description: Description of the cards to print out (PDF)
  • Sample solution: Sample solution in electronic form (PDF)
  • Virtual Variant: miro Board as import file (rtb)
  • Game instructions: This document to print out or to read only (PDF)


How to download and use the wibas Collaboration Poker for SAFe®

Download the wibas Collaboration Poker toolkit for free. Just send an email to wibas Playbook for SAFe® and you will receive an email in reply with the password to open the downloaded zip file. Next read the game instruction to get started with the toolkit.
Note: By sending the email you give permission to wibas to contact you in the future regarding SAFe® offers as well as updates to the wibas Playbook for SAFe®.

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