Requirements are analyzed and validated.


Analyses are performed to determine the impact the intended operational environment will have on the ability to satisfy stakeholder needs, expectations, constraints, and interfaces. Considerations such as feasibility, mission needs, cost constraints, potential market size, and acquisition strategy should all be taken into account, depending on the product context.

The objectives of these analyses are (1) to determine candidate requirements for product concepts that will satisfy stakeholder needs, expectations, constraints, and interfaces and (2) to translate these concepts into requirements. In parallel with these activities, the parameters to be used to evaluate the effectiveness of the product are determined based on customer input and the preliminary product concept.

Requirements are validated to increase the probability that the resulting product will perform as intended in the acquirer’s intended environment.


ARD.SP 3.1 Establish Operational Concepts and Scenarios
Establish and maintain operational concepts and associated scenarios.
ARD.SP 3.2 Analyze Requirements
Analyze requirements to ensure they are necessary and sufficient.
ARD.SP 3.3 Analyze Requirements to Achieve Balance
Analyze requirements to balance stakeholder needs and constraints.
ARD.SP 3.4 Validate Requirements
Validate requirements to ensure the resulting product performs as intended in the end user’s environment.