Select interfaces to manage.


The interfaces considered for selection include all interfaces with other products and services in the operations and support environment as well as environments for verification and validation and services that support those environments. The acquirer should review all supplier interface data for completeness to substantiate the complete coverage of all interfaces when making the selection.

Example Work Products

  1. Criteria to be used in selecting acquirer managed interfaces
  2. Categories of interfaces
  3. List of interfaces per category

Example Supplier Deliverables

  1. Interface description documents
  2. Categories of interfaces
  3. List of interfaces per category
  4. Mapping of interfaces to product components and the product integration environment
  5. Interface design specifications
  6. Interface control documents
  7. Interface specification criteria


1. Select the criteria to be used for determining which interfaces the acquirer should manage.

Refer to the Decision Analysis and Resolution (DAR) (CMMI-ACQ) process area for more information about establishing evaluation criteria.

2. Identify interfaces that are candidates for acquirer management.


Example criteria for interfaces that typically are the focus of the acquirer’s management include the following:
  • The interface spans organizational boundaries.
  • The interface is mission critical.
  • The interface is difficult or complex to manage.
  • Capability, interoperability, efficiency, or other key quality attribute issues are associated with the interface.
  • The interface affects multiple acquisition projects.

3. Review identified interfaces against the selection criteria.

4. Include acquirer managed interfaces in the project plan.