Establish and maintain procedures and criteria for validation.


Validation procedures and criteria are defined to ensure the product or product component will fulfill its intended use when placed in its intended environment. Acceptance test cases and procedures can be used for validation procedures.

The validation procedures and criteria include validation of maintenance, training, and support services.

These procedures also address the validation of requirements and the acquired product or service throughout the project lifecycle. Typically, formal acceptance testing procedures and criteria are established to ensure the delivered product or service meets stakeholder needs before it is deployed in the intended environment.

The validation procedures and criteria applicable to the supplier are typically referenced in the solicitation package and supplier agreement.


Examples of sources for validation criteria include the following:
  • Business process descriptions
  • Customer requirements
  • Customer acceptance criteria
  • Standards

Example Work Products

  1. Validation procedures
  2. Validation criteria
  3. Test and evaluation procedures for maintenance, training, and support


  1. Review the requirements to ensure that issues affecting validation of the acquired product or service are identified and resolved.
  2. Document the environment, operational scenario, procedures, inputs, outputs, and criteria for the validation of the acquired product or service.
  3. Assess the product or service as it matures in the context of the validation environment to identify validation issues.