Establish and maintain records describing configuration items.


Example Work Products

  1. Revision history of configuration items
  2. Change log
  3. Copy of the change requests
  4. Status of configuration items
  5. Differences between baselines


1. Record configuration management actions in sufficient detail so the content and status of each configuration item is known and previous versions can be recovered.

2. Ensure that relevant stakeholders have access to and knowledge of the configuration status of configuration items.


Examples of activities for communicating configuration status include the following:
  • Providing access permissions to authorized end users
  • Making baseline copies readily available to authorized end users
  • Automatically alerting relevant stakeholders when items are checked in or out or changed, or of decisions made regarding change requests

3. Specify the latest version of baselines.

4. Identify the version of configuration items that constitute a particular baseline.

5. Describe differences between successive baselines.

6. Revise the status and history (i.e., changes, other actions) of each configuration item as necessary.