Decisions are based on an evaluation of alternatives using established criteria.


Issues requiring a formal evaluation process can be identified at any time. The objective should be to identify issues as early as possible to maximize the time available to resolve them.


DAR.SP 1.1 Establish Guidelines for Decision Analysis
Establish and maintain guidelines to determine which issues are subject to a formal evaluation process.
DAR.SP 1.2 Establish Evaluation Criteria
Establish and maintain criteria for evaluating alternatives and the relative ranking of these criteria.
DAR.SP 1.3 Identify Alternative Solutions
Identify alternative solutions to address issues.
DAR.SP 1.4 Select Evaluation Methods
Select evaluation methods.
DAR.SP 1.5 Evaluate Alternatives Solutions
Evaluate alternative solutions using established criteria and methods.
DAR.SP 1.6 Select Solutions
Select solutions from alternatives based on evaluation criteria.