Actual project progress and performance are monitored against the project plan.


Monitoring acquirer project progress and performance begins as soon as a plan is established. The acquirer is responsible for monitoring the progress and output of the project. After a supplier is selected and a supplier agreement put in place, the acquirer’s monitoring and control activities extend to the supplier and its activities. The acquirer monitors supplier progress, including achievement of requirements established in the supplier agreement and using specified process, product, and service level measures.


PMC.SP 1.1 Monitor Project Planning Parameters
Monitor actual values of project planning parameters against the project plan.
PMC.SP 1.2 Monitor Commitments
Monitor commitments against those identified in the project plan.
PMC.SP 1.3 Monitor Project Risks
Monitor risks against those identified in the project plan.
PMC.SP 1.4 Monitor Data Management
Monitor the management of project data against the project plan.
PMC.SP 1.5 Monitor Stakeholder Involvement
Monitor stakeholder involvement against the project plan.
PMC.SP 1.6 Conduct Progress Reviews
Periodically review the project’s progress, performance, and issues.
PMC.SP 1.7 Conduct Milestone Reviews
Review the project’s accomplishments and results at selected project milestones.
PMC.SP 1.8 Monitor Transition to Operations and Support
Monitor transition to operations and support.