Monitor stakeholder involvement against the project plan.


Refer to the Plan Stakeholder Involvement specific practice in the Project Planning (PP) (CMMI-DEV) process area for more information about identifying relevant stakeholders and planning appropriate involvement with them.

Stakeholder involvement should be monitored to ensure that appropriate interactions occur. Depending on the results of monitoring and changes in project requirements, situation, or status, it may be necessary to re-plan stakeholder involvement.


In Agile environments, the sustained involvement of customer and potential end users in the project’s product development activities can be crucial to project success; thus, customer and end-user involvement in project activities should be monitored. (See “Interpreting CMMI When Using Agile Approaches” in Part I.)

Typical Work Products

  1. Records of stakeholder involvement


  1. Periodically review the status of stakeholder involvement.
  2. Identify and document significant issues and their impacts.
  3. Document the results of the stakeholder involvement status reviews.