Collect and analyze issues and determine corrective actions to address them.


Typical Work Products

  1. List of issues requiring corrective actions


1. Gather issues for analysis.

Issues are collected from reviews and the execution of other processes.


Examples of issues to be gathered include the following:
  • Issues discovered when performing technical reviews, verification, and validation
  • Significant deviations in project planning parameters from estimates in the project plan
  • Commitments (either internal or external) that have not been satisfied
  • Significant changes in risk status
  • Data access, collection, privacy, or security issues
  • Stakeholder representation or involvement issues
  • Product, tool, or environment transition assumptions (or other customer or supplier commitments) that have not been achieved

2. Analyze issues to determine the need for corrective action.

Refer to the Establish the Budget and Schedule specific practice in the Project Planning (PP) (CMMI-DEV) process area for more information about corrective action criteria.

Corrective action is required when the issue, if left unresolved, may prevent the project from meeting its objectives.