Objectively evaluate selected work products against applicable process descriptions, standards, and procedures.


Example Work Products

  1. Evaluation reports
  2. Noncompliance reports
  3. Corrective actions


1. Select work products to be evaluated based on documented sampling criteria if sampling is used.

Work products can include services produced by a process whether the recipient of the service is internal or external to the project or organization.

2. Establish and maintain clearly stated criteria for the evaluation of selected work products.

The intent of this subpractice is to provide criteria, based on business needs, such as the following:

  • What will be evaluated during the evaluation of a work product
  • When or how often a work product will be evaluated
  • How the evaluation will be conducted
  • Who must be involved in the evaluation

3. Use the stated criteria during evaluations of selected work products.

4. Evaluate selected work products at selected times.


Examples of when work products can be evaluated against process descriptions, standards, or procedures include the following:
  • Before delivery to the customer
  • During delivery to the customer
  • Incrementally, when it is appropriate
  • During unit testing
  • During integration
  • When demonstrating an increment

5. Identify each case of noncompliance found during evaluations.

6. Identify lessons learned that could improve processes.