Estimates of project planning parameters are established and maintained.


Project planning parameters include all information needed by the project to perform necessary planning, organizing, staffing, directing, coordinating, reporting, and budgeting.

The acquirer develops estimates for project work based on the acquisition strategy, including high-level estimates for the work to be done by suppliers. Initial estimates can be revised based on supplier estimates in response to the solicitation package.

Estimates of planning parameters should have a sound basis to instill confidence that plans based on these estimates are capable of supporting project objectives.


Factors to consider when estimating these parameters include the following:
  • The acquisition strategy
  • Project requirements, including product requirements, requirements imposed by the organization, requirements imposed by the customer, and other requirements that affect the project
  • The scope of the project
  • Identified tasks and work products
  • The technical approach
  • The selected project lifecycle model (e.g., waterfall, incremental, spiral)
  • Attributes of work products and tasks (e.g., size, complexity)
  • The schedule
  • Models or historical data used for converting attributes of work products and tasks into labor hours and costs
  • The methodology (e.g., models, data, algorithms) used to determine needed material, skills, labor hours, and cost

The acquisition strategy is a key factor when estimating the project.

Documentation of the estimating rationale and supporting data is needed for stakeholder review and commitment to the plan and for maintenance of the plan as the project progresses.


PP.SP 1.1 Establish the Acquisition Strategy
Establish and maintain the acquisition strategy.
PP.SP 1.2 Estimate the Scope of the Project
Establish a top-level work breakdown structure (WBS) to estimate the scope of the project.
PP.SP 1.3 Establish Estimates of Work Product and Task Attributes
Establish and maintain estimates of work product and task attributes.
PP.SP 1.4 Define Project Lifecycle Phases
Define project lifecycle phases on which to scope the planning effort.
PP.SP 1.5 Estimate Effort and Cost
Estimate the project’s effort and cost for work products and tasks based on estimation rationale.