Preparation for quantitative management is conducted.


Preparation activities include establishing quantitative objectives for the project, composing a defined process for the project that can help to achieve those objectives, selecting subprocesses and attributes critical to understanding performance and achieving the objectives, and selecting measures and analytic techniques that support quantitative management.

These activities may need to be repeated when needs and priorities change, when there is an improved understanding of process performance, or as part of risk mitigation or corrective action.


QPM.SP 1.1 Establish the Project’s Objectives
Establish and maintain the project’s quality and process performance objectives.
QPM.SP 1.2 Compose the Defined Process
Using statistical and other quantitative techniques, compose a defined process that enables the project to achieve its q…
QPM.SP 1.3 Select Subprocesses and Attributes
Select subprocesses and attributes critical to evaluating performance and that help to achieve the project’s quality and…
QPM.SP 1.4 Select Measures and Analytic Techniques
Select measures and analytic techniques to be used in quantitative management.