Determine the type of acquisition for each product or product component to be acquired.


Refer to the Technical Solution (TS) (CMMI-DEV) process area for more information about performing make, buy, or reuse analyses.

Many different types of acquisitions can be used to acquire products and product components that can be used by the project.


Examples of types of acquisitions include the following:
  • Purchasing modified COTS products of significant value to the project
  • Obtaining products through a supplier agreement
  • Obtaining products from an in-house supplier
  • Obtaining products from the customer
  • Obtaining products from a preferred supplier
  • Combining some of the above (e.g., contracting for a modification to a COTS product, having another part of the business enterprise co-develop products with an external supplier)

If acquiring modified COTS products of significant value to the project or that represent significant project risk, care in evaluating and selecting these products and the supplier can be critical to the project. Aspects to consider in the selection decision include proprietary issues and the availability of the products.

Example Work Products

  1. List of the acquisition types that will be used for all products and product components to be acquired