Distribute the solicitation package to potential suppliers for their response and maintain the package throughout the solicitation.


The solicitation package is distributed to potential suppliers in accordance with approved acquirer solicitation policies and procedures.

Refer to the Project Monitoring and Control (PMC) (CMMI-ACQ)process area for more information about monitoring the project against the plan.

Refer to the Project Planning (PP) (CMMI-ACQ) process area for more information about establishing and maintaining plans that define project activities.

Example Work Products

  1. Responses to supplier questions
  2. Amendments to the solicitation package

Example Supplier Deliverables

  1. Supplier proposals
  2. Supplier questions and requests for clarification


1. Finalize a list of potential suppliers.

2. Distribute the solicitation package to potential suppliers.

3. Document and respond to supplier questions according to the instructions in the solicitation package.

Verify that all potential suppliers have equal access and opportunity to provide feedback on the solicitation package. Provide the opportunity for selected potential suppliers and stakeholders to clarify points of ambiguity in requirements as well as disconnects or concerns with requirements.

4. Acknowledge the receipt of supplier proposals according to the schedule identified in the solicitation package.

5. Verify conformance to requirements and completeness of supplier responses.

The suppliers should be contacted for corrective action if the response is non-conforming or incomplete.

6. Issue amendments to the solicitation package when changes are made to the solicitation.