A collection of items that can include the following if such information is appropriate to the type of product and product component (e.g., material and manufacturing requirements may not be useful for product components associated with software services or processes):

• Product architecture description

• Allocated requirements

• Product component descriptions

• Product related lifecycle process descriptions if not described as separate product components

• Key product characteristics

• Required physical characteristics and constraints

• Interface requirements

• Materials requirements (bills of material and material characteristics)

• Fabrication and manufacturing requirements (for both the original equipment manufacturer and field support)

• Verification criteria used to ensure requirements have been achieved

• Conditions of use (environments) and operating/usage scenarios, modes and states for operations, support, training, manufacturing, disposal, and verifications throughout the life of the product

• Rationale for decisions and characteristics (e.g., requirements, requirement allocations, design choices)

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The glossary defines the basic terms used in CMMI models.