Product or product component designs are developed.


Product or product component designs should provide the appropriate content not only for implementation, but also for other phases of the product lifecycle such as modification, reprocurement, maintenance, sustainment, and installation. The design documentation provides a reference to support mutual understanding of the design by relevant stakeholders and supports future changes to the design both during development and in subsequent phases of the product lifecycle. A complete design description is documented in a technical data package that includes a full range of features and parameters including form, fit, function, interface, manufacturing process characteristics, and other parameters. Established organizational or project design standards (e.g., checklists, templates, object frameworks) form the basis for achieving a high degree of definition and completeness in design documentation.


TS.SP 2.1 Design the Product or Product Component
Develop a design for the product or product component.
TS.SP 2.2 Establish a Technical Data Package
Establish and maintain a technical data package.
TS.SP 2.3 Design Interfaces Using Criteria
Design product component interfaces using established criteria.
TS.SP 2.4 Perform Make, Buy, or Reuse Analyses
Evaluate whether the product components should be developed, purchased, or reused based on established criteria.