The purpose of Acquisition Verification (AVER) (CMMI-ACQ) is to ensure that selected work products meet their specified requirements.


Acquisition verification addresses whether acquirer work products properly reflect specified requirements.

The Acquisition Verification process area involves the following activities:

  • Preparing for verification
  • Performing verification
  • Identifying corrective action

Verification is inherently an incremental process because it occurs throughout the acquisition of the product or service, beginning with verification of requirements and plans, progressing through the verification of evolving work products and culminating in the verification of the completed product.

The specific practices of this process area build on each other in the following way:
  • The Select Work Products for Verification specific practice enables the identification of work products to be verified, methods to be used to perform the verification, and documented requirements to be satisfied by each selected work product.
  • The Establish the Verification Environment specific practice enables the selection or creation of the environment to be used to carry out the verification.
  • The Establish Verification Procedures and Criteria specific practice enables the development of verification procedures and criteria that are aligned with selected work products, requirements, methods, and characteristics of the verification environment.
  • The Prepare for Peer Reviews, Conduct Peer Reviews, and Analyze Peer Review Data specific practices enable the conduct of peer reviews, an important type of verification that is a proven mechanism for effective defect removal.
  • The Perform Verification specific practice enables the conduct of verification according to established methods, procedures, and criteria.
  • The Analyze Verification Results specific practice enables analysis of verification results against established criteria.


Refer to the Acquisition Requirements Development (ARD) (CMMI-ACQ) process area for more information about developing and analyzing customer and contractual requirements.

Refer to the Acquisition Technical Management (ATM) (CMMI-ACQ) process area for more information about evaluating the supplier’s technical solution and managing selected interfaces of that solution.

Refer to the Acquisition Validation (AVAL) (CMMI-ACQ) process area for more information about demonstrating that an acquired product or service fulfills its intended use when placed in its intended environment.

Refer to the Requirements Management (REQM) (CMMI-ACQ) process area for more information about managing requirements.


AVER.SG 1 Prepare for Verification
Preparation for verification is conducted.
AVER.SG 2 Perform Peer Reviews
Peer reviews are performed on selected work products.
AVER.SG 3 Verify Selected Work Products
Selected work products are verified against their specified requirements.