Supplier technical solutions are evaluated to confirm that contractual requirements continue to be met.


Technical reviews (e.g., architectural evaluations) are performed throughout the project lifecycle to gain confidence that the requirements, architecture, and supplier technical solutions are capable of guiding a development that results in a product or service that provides the required capability. This activity should be integrated with risk management activities. Mature organizations typically perform technical reviews using different proven techniques depending on the type of review. They broaden the basis of the review to include other stakeholder needs, expectations, and constraints.

Refer to the Establish the Acquisition Strategy specific practice in the Project Planning (PP) (CMMI-ACQ) process area for more information about specifying technical performance measures and their threshold values.

This specific goal focuses on the following:
  • Selecting supplier technical solutions (i.e., preliminary designs, detailed designs, design implementations, delivered increments of component functionality) based on sound decision-making criteria
  • Analyzing selected supplier technical solutions
  • Conducting technical reviews using results of the analysis


ATM.SP 1.1 Select Technical Solutions for Analysis
Select supplier technical solutions to be analyzed and analysis methods to be used.
ATM.SP 1.2 Analyze Selected Technical Solutions
Analyze selected supplier technical solutions.
ATM.SP 1.3 Conduct Technical Reviews
Conduct technical reviews with the supplier as defined in the supplier agreement.