Create or release baselines for internal use and for delivery to the customer.


A baseline is represented by the assignment of an identifier to a configuration item or a collection of configuration items and associated entities at a distinct point in time. As a product or service evolves, multiple baselines can be used to control development and testing. (See the definition of “baseline” in the glossary.) Hardware products as well as software and documentation should also be included in baselines for infrastructure related configurations (e.g., software, hardware) and in preparation for system tests that include interfacing hardware and software.

One common set of baselines includes the system level requirements, system element level design requirements, and the product definition at the end of development/beginning of production. These baselines are typically referred to respectively as the “functional baseline,” “allocated baseline,” and “product baseline.” A software baseline can be a set of requirements, design, source code files and the associated executable code, build files, and user documentation (associated entities) that have been assigned a unique identifier.

Example Work Products

  1. Baselines
  2. Description of baselines


  1. Obtain authorization from the CCB before creating or releasing baselines of configuration items.
  2. Create or release baselines only from configuration items in the configuration management system.
  3. Document the set of configuration items that are contained in a baseline.
  4. Make the current set of baselines readily available.