The continuous representation is concerned with selecting both a particular process area to improve and the desired capability level for that process area. In this context, whether a process is performed or incomplete is important. Therefore, the name “Incomplete” is given to the continuous representation starting point.


The continuous representation enables the organization to choose the focus of its process improvement efforts by choosing those process areas, or sets of interrelated process areas, that best benefit the organization and its business objectives. Although there are some limits on what an organization can choose because of the dependencies among process areas, the organization has considerable freedom in its selection.


Process Management (CMMI-DEV)
Process Management (CMMI-DEV) process areas contain the cross-project activities related to defining, planning, deployin…
Project Management (CMMI-DEV)
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Engineering (CMMI-DEV)
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Support (CMMI-DEV)
Support (CMMI-DEV) process areas cover the activities that support product development and maintenance.