Resolve Incidents.


Incidents are resolved by following the course of action determined by individual incident analysis. It is possible that the initial selected course of action may fail to resolve an incident or may be only partially successful, in which case additional follow-up analyses and actions may be necessary.

Applying workarounds and other previously established reusable solutions can significantly reduce the impact of incidents, which otherwise be handled on a case-by-case basis. The use of already known reusable solutions to resolve incidents helps to reduce the time required to resolve them, and can also improve the quality of resolutions. It is essential to have a single repository established that contains all previously established reusable solutions. This repository can be used to quickly determine the appropriate reusable solution to be used for related incidents.

Example Work Products

  1. Updated incident management record


1. Address the incident using the best course of action.

The best course of action can employ an applicable workaround or other previously established reusable solution if one is available.

2. Manage the actions until the impact of the incident is at an acceptable level.

3. Record the actions and result.

4. Review actions taken that resulted in service system changes to determine if further actions are needed to ensure traceability to requirements.