Establish and maintain solutions to respond to future incidents.


Reusable solutions such as workarounds are important mechanisms that enable service delivery to continue in spite of the occurrence of an incident. (A workaround is a less-than-optimal solution for a certain type of incident that is nevertheless effective enough to use until a better solution can be developed and deployed.) Therefore, it is important that workarounds and other reusable solutions be documented and confirmed to be effective before they are used to address incidents with customers and end users.

Example Work Products

  1. Reusable solution description and instructions
  2. Contribution to collection of workarounds for incidents
  3. Workaround verification results


1. Determine which group is best suited to establish and maintain a reusable solution.

The group should be best suited to define the reusable solution, describe the steps involved, and communicate this information appropriately.

2. Plan and document the reusable solution.

3. Verify and validate the reusable solution to ensure that it effectively addresses the incident.

4. Communicate the reusable solution to relevant stakeholders.