Strengths, weaknesses, and improvement opportunities for the organization’s processes are identified periodically and as needed.


Strengths, weaknesses, and improvement opportunities can be determined relative to a process standard or model such as a CMMI model or ISO standard. Process improvements should be selected to address the organization’s needs.

Process improvement opportunities can arise as a result of changing business objectives, legal and regulatory requirements, and results of benchmarking studies.


OPF.SP 1.1 Establish Organizational Process Needs
Establish and maintain the description of process needs and objectives for the organization.
OPF.SP 1.2 Appraise the Organization’s Processes
Appraise the organization’s processes periodically and as needed to maintain an understanding of their strengths and wea…
OPF.SP 1.3 Identify the Organization’s Process Improvements
Identify improvements to the organization’s processes and process assets.