Identify improvements to the organization’s processes and process assets.


Example Work Products

  1. Analysis of candidate process improvements
  2. Identification of improvements for the organization’s processes


1. Determine candidate process improvements.


Candidate process improvements are typically determined by doing the following:
  • Measuring processes and analyzing measurement results
  • Reviewing processes for effectiveness and suitability
  • Assessing customer satisfaction
  • Reviewing lessons learned from tailoring the organization’s set of standard processes
  • Reviewing lessons learned from implementing processes
  • Reviewing process improvement proposals submitted by the organization’s managers, staff, and other relevant stakeholders
  • Soliciting inputs on process improvements from senior management and other leaders in the organization
  • Examining results of process appraisals and other process related reviews
  • Reviewing results of other organizational improvement initiatives

2. Prioritize candidate process improvements.

Criteria for prioritization are as follows:

  • Consider the estimated cost and effort to implement the process improvements.
  • Evaluate the expected improvement against the organization’s improvement objectives and priorities.
  • Determine the potential barriers to the process improvements and develop strategies for overcoming these barriers.


Examples of techniques to help determine and prioritize possible improvements to be implemented include the following:
  • A cost benefit analysis that compares the estimated cost and effort to implement the process improvements and their associated benefits
  • A gap analysis that compares current conditions in the organization with optimal conditions
  • Force field analysis of potential improvements to identify potential barriers and strategies for overcoming those barriers
  • Cause-and-effect analyses to provide information on the potential effects of different improvements that can then be compared

3. Identify and document the process improvements to be implemented.

4. Revise the list of planned process improvements to keep it current.