Organizational process assets are deployed across the organization and process related experiences are incorporated into organizational process assets.


The specific practices under this specific goal describe ongoing activities. New opportunities to benefit from organizational process assets and changes to them can arise throughout the life of each project. Deployment of standard processes and other organizational process assets should be continually supported in the organization, particularly for new projects at startup.


OPF.SP 3.1 Deploy Organizational Process Assets
Deploy organizational process assets across the organization.
OPF.SP 3.2 Deploy Standard Processes
Deploy the organization’s set of standard processes to projects at their startup and deploy changes to them as appropria…
OPF.SP 3.3 Monitor the Implementation
Monitor the implementation of the organization’s set of standard processes and use of process assets on all projects.
OPF.SP 3.4 Incorporate Experiences into Organizational Process Assets
Incorporate process related experiences derived from planning and performing the process into organizational process ass…