Determine which training needs are the responsibility of the organization and which are left to the individual project or support group.


Refer to the Project Planning (PP) (CMMI-DEV) process area for more information about planning needed knowledge and skills.

In addition to strategic training needs, organizational training addresses training requirements that are common across projects and support groups. Projects and support groups have the primary responsibility for identifying and addressing their training needs. The organization’s training staff is responsible for addressing only common cross-project and support group training needs (e.g., training in work environments common to multiple projects). In some cases, however, the organization’s training staff may address additional training needs of projects and support groups, as negotiated with them, in the context of the training resources available and the organization’s training priorities.

Example Work Products

  1. Common project and support group training needs
  2. Training commitments


1. Analyze the training needs identified by projects and support groups.

Analysis of project and support group needs is intended to identify common training needs that can be most efficiently addressed organization wide. These needs analysis activities are used to anticipate future training needs that are first visible at the project and support group level.

2. Negotiate with projects and support groups on how their training needs will be satisfied.

The support provided by the organization’s training staff depends on the training resources available and the organization’s training priorities.


Examples of training appropriately performed by the project or support group include the following:
  • Training in the application or service domain of the project
  • Training in the unique tools and methods used by the project or support group
  • Training in safety, security, and human factors

3. Document commitments for providing training support to projects and support groups.