Establish and maintain an organizational training tactical plan.


The organizational training tactical plan is the plan to deliver the training that is the responsibility of the organization and is necessary for individuals to perform their roles effectively. This plan addresses the near-term execution of training and is adjusted periodically in response to changes (e.g., in needs, in resources) and to evaluations of effectiveness.

Example Work Products

  1. Organizational training tactical plan


1. Establish the content of the plan.


Organizational training tactical plans typically contain the following:
  • Training needs
  • Training topics
  • Schedules based on training activities and their dependencies
  • Methods used for training
  • Requirements and quality standards for training materials
  • Training tasks, roles, and responsibilities
  • Required resources including tools, facilities, environments, staffing, skills, and knowledge

2. Establish commitments to the plan.

Documented commitments by those who are responsible for implementing and supporting the plan are essential for the plan to be effective.

3. Revise the plan and commitments as necessary.