Establish and maintain records of organizational training.


This practice applies to the training performed at the organizational level. Establishment and maintenance of training records for project or support group sponsored training is the responsibility of each individual project or support group.

Example Work Products

  1. Training records
  2. Training updates to the organizational repository


1. Keep records of all students who successfully complete each training course or other approved training activity as well as those who are unsuccessful.

2. Keep records of all staff who are waived from training.

The rationale for granting a waiver should be documented, and both the manager responsible and the manager of the excepted individual should approve the waiver.

3. Keep records of all students who successfully complete their required training.

4. Make training records available to the appropriate people for consideration in assignments.

Training records may be part of a skills matrix developed by the training organization to provide a summary of the experience and education of people, as well as training sponsored by the organization.