Training for individuals to perform their roles effectively is provided.


When selecting people to be trained, the following should be considered:

  • Background of the target population of training participants
  • Prerequisite background to receive training
  • Skills and abilities needed by people to perform their roles
  • Need for cross-discipline training for all disciplines, including project management
  • Need for managers to have training in appropriate organizational processes
  • Need for training in basic principles of all appropriate disciplines or services to support staff in quality management, configuration management, and other related support functions
  • Need to provide competency development for critical functional areas
  • Need to maintain competencies and qualifications of staff to operate and maintain work environments common to multiple projects


OT.SP 2.1 Deliver Training
Deliver training following the organizational training tactical plan.
OT.SP 2.2 Establish Training Records
Establish and maintain records of organizational training.
OT.SP 2.3 Assess Training Effectiveness
Assess the effectiveness of the organization’s training program.