Assess the effectiveness of the organization’s training program.


A process should exist to determine the effectiveness of training (i.e., how well training is meeting the organization’s needs).


Examples of methods used to assess training effectiveness include the following:
  • Testing in the training context
  • Post-training surveys of training participants
  • Surveys of manager satisfaction with post-training effects
  • Assessment mechanisms embedded in courseware

Measures can be taken to assess the benefits of training against both the project’s and organization’s objectives. Particular attention should be paid to the need for various training methods, such as training teams as integral work units. When used, work or process performance objectives should be unambiguous, observable, verifiable, and shared with course participants. The results of the training effectiveness assessment should be used to revise training materials as described in the Establish a Training Capability specific practice.

Example Work Products

  1. Training effectiveness surveys
  2. Training program performance assessments
  3. Instructor evaluation forms
  4. Training examinations


1. Assess in-progress or completed projects to determine whether staff knowledge is adequate for performing project tasks.

2. Provide a mechanism for assessing the effectiveness of each training course with respect to established organizational, project, or individual learning (or performance) objectives.

3. Obtain student evaluations of how well training activities met their needs.