Confirm, prior to assembly, that each product component required to assemble the product has been properly identified, behaves according to its description, and that the product component interfaces comply with the interface descriptions.


Refer to the Verification (VER) (CMMI-DEV) process area for more information about performing verification.

The purpose of this specific practice is to ensure that the properly identified product component that meets its description can actually be assembled according to the product integration strategy and procedures. The product components are checked for quantity, obvious damage, and consistency between the product component and interface descriptions.

Those who conduct product integration are ultimately responsible for checking to make sure everything is proper with the product components before assembly.

Example Work Products

  1. Acceptance documents for the received product components
  2. Delivery receipts
  3. Checked packing lists
  4. Exception reports
  5. Waivers


  1. Track the status of all product components as soon as they become available for integration.
  2. Ensure that product components are delivered to the product integration environment in accordance with the product integration strategy and procedures.
  3. Confirm the receipt of each properly identified product component.
  4. Ensure that each received product component meets its description.
  5. Check the configuration status against the expected configuration.
  6. Perform a pre-check (e.g., by a visual inspection, using basic measures) of all the physical interfaces before connecting product components together.