Verified product components are assembled and the integrated, verified, and validated product is delivered.


Integration of product components proceeds according to the product integration strategy and procedures. Before integration, each product component should be confirmed to be compliant with its interface requirements. Product components are assembled into larger, more complex product components. These assembled product components are checked for correct interoperation. This process continues until product integration is complete. If, during this process, problems are identified, the problem should be documented and a corrective action process initiated.

The timely receipt of needed product components and the involvement of the right people contribute to the successful integration of the product components that compose the product.


PI.SP 3.1 Confirm Readiness of Product Components for Integration
Confirm, prior to assembly, that each product component required to assemble the product has been properly identified, b…
PI.SP 3.2 Assemble Product Components
Assemble product components according to the product integration strategy and procedures.
PI.SP 3.3 Evaluate Assembled Product Components
Evaluate assembled product components for interface compatibility.
PI.SP 3.4 Package and Deliver the Product or Product Component
Package the assembled product or product component and deliver it to the customer.