Evaluate assembled product components for interface compatibility.


Refer to the Validation (VAL) (CMMI-DEV) process area for more information about performing validation.

Refer to the Verification (VER) (CMMI-DEV) process area for more information about performing verification.

This evaluation involves examining and testing assembled product components for performance, suitability, or readiness using the product integration procedures, criteria, and environment. It is performed as appropriate for different stages of assembly of product components as identified in the product integration strategy and procedures. The product integration strategy and procedures can define a more refined integration and evaluation sequence than might be envisioned just by examining the product hierarchy or architecture. For example, if an assembly of product components is composed of four less complex product components, the integration strategy will not necessarily call for the simultaneous integration and evaluation of the four units as one. Rather, the four less complex units can be integrated progressively, one at a time, with an evaluation after each assembly operation prior to realizing the more complex product component that matched the specification in the product architecture. Alternatively, the product integration strategy and procedures could have determined that only a final evaluation was the best one to perform.

Example Work Products

  1. Exception reports
  2. Interface evaluation reports
  3. Product integration summary reports


1. Conduct the evaluation of assembled product components following the product integration strategy, procedures, and criteria.

2. Record the evaluation results.


Example results include the following:
  • Any adaptation required to the integration procedure or criteria
  • Any change to the product configuration (spare parts, new release)
  • Evaluation procedure or criteria deviations