A project plan is established and maintained as the basis for managing the project.


A project plan is a formal, approved document used to manage and control the execution of the project. It is based on project requirements and established estimates.

The project plan should consider all phases of the project lifecycle. Project planning should ensure that all plans affecting the project are consistent with the overall project plan.


PP.SP 2.1 Establish the Budget and Schedule
Establish and maintain the project’s budget and schedule.
PP.SP 2.2 Identify Project Risks
Identify and analyze project risks.
PP.SP 2.3 Plan Data Management
Plan for the management of project data.
PP.SP 2.4 Plan the Project’s Resources
Plan for resources to perform the project.
PP.SP 2.5 Plan Needed Knowledge and Skills
Plan for knowledge and skills needed to perform the project.
PP.SP 2.6 Plan Stakeholder Involvement
Plan the involvement of identified stakeholders.
PP.SP 2.7 Establish the Project Plan
Establish and maintain the overall project plan.