Plan for knowledge and skills needed to perform the project.


Refer to the Organizational Training (OT) (CMMI-DEV) process area for more information about developing skills and knowledge of people so they can perform their roles effectively and efficiently.

Knowledge delivery to projects involves training project staff and acquiring knowledge from outside sources.

Staffing requirements are dependent on the knowledge and skills available to support the execution of the project.

Typical Work Products

  1. Inventory of skill needs
  2. Staffing and new hire plans
  3. Databases (e.g., skills and training)
  4. Training plans


1. Identify the knowledge and skills needed to perform the project.

2. Assess the knowledge and skills available.

3. Select mechanisms for providing needed knowledge and skills.


Example mechanisms include the following:
  • In-house training (both organizational and project)
  • External training
  • Staffing and new hires
  • External skill acquisition

The choice of in-house training or outsourced training for needed knowledge and skills is determined by the availability of training expertise, the project’s schedule, and business objectives.

4. Incorporate selected mechanisms into the project plan.