Analyze the results of verifying and validating the service continuity plan.


Results of service continuity plan verification and validation are analyzed against defined verification and validation criteria. Analysis reports identify elements to improve in the service continuity plan and identify problems with verification and validation methods, environments, procedures, and criteria.

Example Work Products

  1. Verification and validation analysis reports
  2. Improvement recommendations for the service continuity plan
  3. Verification and validation improvement recommendations


1. Compare actual to expected results of service continuity plan verification and validation.

2. Evaluate whether restoration to agreed service levels or some other planned state was achieved or not. # Document recommendations for improving the service continuity plan.

3. Document recommended improvements to the verification and validation of the service continuity plan.

4. Collect improvement proposals for services or service system components as appropriate based on the analyses of results.

5. Provide information on how defects can be resolved (including verification methods, criteria, and the verification environment) and initiate corrective action.

Refer to the Work Monitoring and Control (WMC) (CMMI-SVC) process area for more information about managing corrective action to closure.