Assemble and integrate implemented service system components into a verifiable service system.


Integration of the service system should proceed according to a planned integration strategy and procedures. Before integration, each service system component should be verified for compliance with its interface requirements. Service system components that are manual processes should be performed while making appropriate use of any other necessary service system components to verify compliance with requirements.

During integration, subordinate components are combined into larger, more complex service system assemblies and more complete service delivery functions are performed. These combined service system assemblies are checked for correct interoperation. This process continues until service system integration is complete. During this process, if problems are identified, the problems are documented and corrective actions are initiated.

Some service systems can require assembly with customer or end-user resources to complete full integration. When these resources are available under the terms of a service agreement, they should be incorporated as appropriate in integration activities. When such resources are not available from customers and end users, substitute equivalent resources can be employed temporarily to enable full service system integration.

Example Work Products

  1. Service system integration strategy with rationale
  2. Documented and verified environment for service system integration
  3. Service system integration procedures and criteria
  4. Exception reports
  5. Assembled service system components
  6. Interface evaluation reports
  7. Service system integration summary reports
  8. Staffing plans that show the sequence of where and when staff are provided


1. Develop a service system integration strategy.

The integration strategy describes the approach for receiving, assembling, and evaluating service system components that comprise the service system.

The integration strategy should be aligned with the service strategy described in the Work Planning process area and harmonized with the service system solution and design. The results of developing a service system integration strategy can be documented in a service system integration plan, which is reviewed with stakeholders to promote commitment and understanding.

2. Ensure the readiness of the integration environment.

3. Confirm that each service system component required for integration has been properly identified, behaves according to its description, and that all interfaces comply with their interface descriptions.

4. Evaluate the assembled service system for interface compatibility, and behavior (functionality and quality attributes).