Prepare relevant stakeholders for changes in services and service systems.


This practice ensures that the service system transition is not impaired because of failure to prepare relevant stakeholders for all of the changes caused by introducing new or modified service system components. Relevant stakeholders should always include customers, end users, provider staff, senior management, external suppliers, and anyone else that should be aware of expected changes.

Example Work Products

  1. Transition notification strategy
  2. Transition training strategy


1. Establish and maintain a transition notification strategy.

2. Implement the notification strategy to keep relevant stakeholders informed about scheduled changes in services and service availability during the transition.

Ensure the notification strategy addresses how rollback or backout will be communicated, if appropriate.

3. Establish and maintain a transition training strategy.

The transition training strategy can encompass a broad range of orientation and training activities involving customers, end users, service delivery and support staff, managers, and senior leadership as appropriate. The transition training strategy should also encompass activities that ensure the effectiveness of the training after it has been provided, such as testing, piloting, or surveys.


Examples of information that should be incorporated in orientation and training include the following:
  • New or changed services and how to request them
  • Procedures and tools for customer and end-user feedback
  • Procedures and tools for maintenance, tuning, and end-user support
  • Use of tools selected for service delivery
  • Design of the service system
  • Anticipated operating thresholds
  • Procedures and tools for service system scheduling, monitoring, and resource management
  • Procedures for handling service incidents that occur during transition

4. Implement the training strategy.

Refer to the Organizational Training (OT) (CMMI-DEV) process area for more information about establishing an organizational training tactical plan.