Peer reviews are performed on selected work products.


Peer reviews involve a methodical examination of work products by the producers’ peers to identify defects for removal and to recommend other changes that are needed.

The peer review is an important and effective verification method implemented via inspections, structured walkthroughs, or a number of other collegial review methods.

Peer reviews are primarily applied to work products developed by the projects, but they can also be applied to other work products such as documentation and training work products that are typically developed by support groups.


VER.SP 2.1 Prepare for Peer Reviews
Prepare for peer reviews of selected work products.
VER.SP 2.2 Conduct Peer Reviews
Conduct peer reviews of selected work products and identify issues resulting from these reviews.
VER.SP 2.3 Analyze Peer Review Data
Analyze data about the preparation, conduct, and results of the peer reviews.