Establish and maintain verification procedures and criteria for the selected work products.


Verification criteria are defined to ensure that work products meet their requirements.


Examples of sources for verification criteria include the following:
  • Product and product component requirements
  • Standards
  • Organizational policies
  • Test type
  • Test parameters
  • Parameters for tradeoff between quality and cost of testing
  • Type of work products
  • Suppliers
  • Proposals and agreements
  • Customers reviewing work products collaboratively with developers

Example Work Products

  1. Verification procedures
  2. Verification criteria


  1. Generate a set of comprehensive, integrated verification procedures for work products and commercial off-the-shelf products, as necessary.
  2. Develop and refine verification criteria as necessary.
  3. Identify the expected results,tolerances allowed and other criteria for satisfying the requirements.
  4. Identify equipment and environmental components needed to support verification.