Preparation for verification is conducted.


Up-front preparation is necessary to ensure that verification provisions are embedded in product and product component requirements, designs, developmental plans, and schedules. Verification includes the selection, inspection, testing, analysis, and demonstration of work products.

Methods of verification include, but are not limited to, inspections, peer reviews, audits, walkthroughs, analyses, architecture evaluations, simulations, testing, and demonstrations. Practices related to peer reviews as a specific verification method are included in specific goal 2.

Preparation also entails the definition of support tools, test equipment and software, simulations, prototypes, and facilities.


VER.SP 1.1 Select Work Products for Verification
Select the work products to be verified and the verification methods tothat will be used for each.
VER.SP 1.2 Establish the Verification Environment
Establish and maintain the environment needed to support verification.
VER.SP 1.3 Establish Verification Procedures and Criteria
Establish and maintain verification procedures and criteria for the selected work products.