Scrum’s artifacts represent work or value. They are designed to maximize transparency of key information. Thus, everyone inspecting them has the same basis for adaptation.

Each artifact contains a commitment to ensure it provides information that enhances transparency and focus against which progress can be measured:

These commitments exist to reinforce empiricism and the Scrum Values for the Scrum Team and their stakeholders.


Product Backlog
The Product Backlog is an emergent, ordered list of what is needed to improve the product. It is the single source of w…
Sprint Backlog
The Sprint Backlog is composed of the Sprint Goal (why), the set of Product Backlog items selected for the Sprint (what…
An Increment is a concrete stepping stone toward the Product Goal. Each Increment is additive to all prior Increments a…
Sprint Goal
The Sprint Goal is the single objective for the Sprint. Although the Sprint Goal is a commitment by the Developer, it p…
Definition of "Done"
The Definition of Done is a formal description of the state of the Increment when it meets the quality measures require…
Product Goal
The Product Goal describes a future state of the product which can serve as a target for the Scrum Team to plan against…