Strategy cycle allows an Organization, to coordinate strategic issues and budget on regular basis. The Strategy cycle provides a framework for this recurrent and joint work. It supports Units to operate autonome within the Common Strategic Framework. The Strategy cycle is a multiple of the Stage cycle for Units, and is constructed in the same fashion. 


Strategic PlanningStrategic RetrospectiveStrategy ReviewStrategy BacklogPortfolio BacklogPortfolio InkrementStrategy ScrumPortfolio Backlog RefinementStrategy cycleThere is no text description available, yet


On the Strategic level strategic themes are addrssed as top level requirements or objectives (purple in the drawing). In the Stages the tactical requirements (features) are broken down towards Tactical Product Backlogs (blue).

Features are further broken down in operational requirements for and implemented in Sprints  (green).

The Strategy cycle contains the Strategic Planning, the joint development, Portfolio Backlog Refinement, the Strategy Review and the Strategic Retrospective

Strategy cycle has regular events ( Strategy Scrum), which enable Units to coordinate their work and strategic themes.

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Organisational Events
Strategy cycle allows an Organization to coordinate strategic themes on a regular basis and to agree on a budget. The …