Scaled Agile & Lean is a pattern language to design Scaled Agile & Lean organizations. It offers solutions for resilient and lean teams, units and enterprises.



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It offers a pattern kit 

Scaled Agile & Lean is a modular toolbox with various patterns to implement Scaled Agile in your organization. It is based on Agile & Lean principles. The toolbox contains patterns to design roles, processes and alignment of work. Examples are as the use of Takt, the use of a cycles or the delegation of authority.

The modular patterns provide solutions from team to organization level

The individual Scaled Agile & Lean patterns can merged ino larger patterns. One provides patterns for teams. Two support the co-operation between several teams: a model for  Units. Another pattern deals with the cooperation of several units and provides solutions for the strategic work. Thus this sample kit is suitable to design an entire organization on Agile & Lean principles.

The modular pattern is suitable for all types of organizations

This pattern kit is suitable for all kinds of organizations that want to work according Agile & Lean principles. It offers solutions for service as well as for development organizations (for Example development of software or cars or services such as auto maintenance, IT operations, or a call center).


The patterns described here are further elaborated in M. Foegen und C. Kaczmarek's book: "Organisation in einer digitalen Zeit", wibas, 2015. For more information: 


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