Frequently, an object or a product is too big for a team. Tactical scaling allows multiple teams to coordinat and work on a joint goal. We call this a unit. Examples are a program, a product line or a service unit.



Pattern One: Joint stagePattern two: Common StageThere is no text description available, yet


For the collaboration of multiple Teams there are distinctive strategies:

  • In Solution-pattern One: The Common Stage teams perform joined events in each Sprint.
  • In solution-Pattern two: Common Stage is the strategy to introduce one tactical cycle, which is "wrapped around" the Team cycli. Such a tactical cyclus we call a „stage“. One stage contains multiple  Sprints.
  • In Solution-pattern Two: Common Stage a tactical cycle is implemented "around the team cycle". Such a tactical cycle we call "stage". A stage consists of multiple sprints.

The elements of both patterns can be combined to any size. Even using the pattern Two events in the sprint can be carried out jointly.


Pattern One: Joint stage
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