Report capacity and availability management data to relevant stakeholders.


Reports are provided to relevant stakeholders that summarize information about capacity and availability. These reports support monitoring against the service agreement and service reviews. How data are reported strongly influences how much benefit is derived from capacity and availability management.

Refer to the Work Monitoring and Control (WMC) (CMMI-SVC) process area for more information about monitoring the work against the plan.

Service agreements and supplier agreements can define the information to be reported, to whom it should be delivered, and how it is provided (e.g., format, detail, distribution, media). The information should be appropriate to the audience, which means it should be understandable (e.g., not overly technical) and it may need to address multiple perspectives. These perspectives can include business, end user, customer, or service provider perspectives.

Capacity and availability reports can be regular or ad hoc, depending on what is in the service agreement. For some services, reporting can be greatly simplified by the use of databases offering automated reporting features. Organizational reporting standards should be followed and standard tools and techniques should be used when they exist to support the integration and consolidation of information in the reports.

Refer to the Service Delivery (SD) (CMMI-SVC) process area for more information about establishing service agreements.

Refer to the Organizational Process Definition (OPD) (CMMI-SVC) process area for more information about establishing standard processes.

Refer to the Supplier Agreement Management (SAM) (CMMI-SVC) process area for more information about establishing supplier agreements.

Availability is often reported as a percentage. In addition to reporting availability, some service providers also report on reliability (e.g., reliability of the service, reliability of service system components) because it is required in the service agreement. The service agreement can also require reporting on maintainability and other quality attributes.

Example Work Products

  1. Service system performance reports
  2. Service resource use reports
  3. Service resource use projections
  4. Service availability reports


  1. Report the performance and use of resources and services.
  2. Report exception conditions in the service system and breaches of service requirements.
  3. Report data from monitoring against growth estimates in resource and service use.
  4. Report the availability, reliability, and maintainability of resources and services.