The essential functions and resources on which services depend are identified and documented.


The first step in service continuity planning is to identify and prioritize essential services so that a plan can be created that enables these services to be provided during an emergency.

The second step is to identify and document the functions and resources on which these services depend. Essential functions can include manual processes, automated processes, end-user activities, and service delivery activities themselves whether prescheduled or a result of on-the-fly service request management.

Identified and prioritized services, functions, and resources are effectively the requirements for service continuity and can be managed as such.

Refer to the Requirements Management (REQM) (CMMI-SVC) process area for more information about managing requirements of products and product components and ensuring alignment between those requirements and the work plans and work products.


SCON.SP 1.1 Identify and Prioritize Essential Functions
Identify and prioritize the essential functions that must be performed to ensure service continuity.
SCON.SP 1.2 Identify and Prioritize Essential Resources
Identify and prioritize the essential resources required to ensure service continuity