Verify selected service system components against their specified requirements.


The verification methods, procedures, criteria, and environment are used to verify the selected service system and any associated maintenance, training, and support processes. Verification activities should be performed throughout the service system lifecycle.

Example Work Products

  1. Verification results and logs
  2. Verification reports
  3. Analysis report (e.g., statistics on performance, causal analysis of nonconformance, comparison of the behavior between the real service system and models, trends)
  4. Trouble reports
  5. Change requests for verification methods, criteria, and the environment


1. Perform verification of selected service system components and work products against their requirements.

Verification of the selected components includes verification of their integrated operation with one another and with appropriate external interfaces.

2. Record the results of verification activities.

3. Identify action items resulting from the verification of service system components and work products.

4. Document the “as-run” verification method and deviations from the available methods and procedures discovered during its performance.

5. Analyze and record the results of all verification activities.