Strategic needs and plans for standard services are established and maintained.


“Strategic needs” are conditions or objectives in the organization often driven by factors in the environment. An organization may need to increase revenue, profitability, or market share. Customers may need a different or new set of services, or expect a change in an organization’s service offerings based on what competitors are providing or based on shifts in their own objectives. The organization considers the range of needs in light of its capabilities, makes decisions about which objectives to pursue, and reflects these needs and objectives in plans for standard services.

In many organizations, strategic planning information can be proprietary, sensitive, and subject to non-disclosure requirements or other controls. Anyone participating in developing plans for standard services should exercise care in complying with controls to protect sensitive strategic information.


STSM.SP 1.1 Gather and Analyze Data
Gather and analyze data about the strategic needs and capabilities of the organization.
STSM.SP 1.2 Establish Plans for Standard Services
Establish and maintain plans for standard services.